Alley area

Sort of getting the wheels spinning on this again.  I haven’t figured out or decided how to do the cameos for some of the people that passed a little over a year ago and forced this film into hiatus in the process.

I am finally redesigning, planning, whatevering the alley scene that is mostly the opening shots and setup for the protagonist.  Collecting reference from online to get some traction and general direction going.  The alley is in a virtual reality cyber construct type of thing.  Yet it needs to look trashed, a mess, if  could put a pile of vomit in somewhere I would, perhaps someone urinated on the side of a dumpster while inebriated from drinking and so forth.  Though I do draw the line at any kind of drug paraphenelia.  The idea of a broken liquor bottle or two is appealing though.  He’s not in a good part of town, and definitely not at a good time of night.  I may have to settle for graffitied and trashed dumpsters with broken glass strewn about.  The idea of human waste being depicted seems gratuitous and excessively graphic.

The alley is supposed to be in a bad part of the neighborhood, the time is say about 3 or 4 a.m., everyone’s asleep, there is no one to witness anything, no one whom will call for help nor render you aid.  Lots of really bad situations can arise from this.  Yet this shows the arrogance, bravado, and foolishness of the the protagonist youth, and perhaps how naive he is.  Though most of this is really brought to light in the very last scene.196.jpgback-alley.jpg

Some reference, these are kind of the direction I want to go in.  Graffiti, trash here and there, need dumpsters though and spooky lighting.  The street surface itself isn’t so clean….also note that it’s an older area, pipes and stuff protruding from the walls, the buildings have been retrofitted and updated, their original design is quite old.  I need to find balance in how much detail to visually show.


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