Character Modeling Update

More updates to follow later today and tomorrow.  Currently updates to some of my characters.  More stuff to come later in the day and tomorrow.

alien_character_shot_1 Bunny_suit_kid Drama_Mask_Character Robot_Tin_Man_Character Snow_Man_Character

Also some processes work or research, a few stills from experimenting with motion blur.  Still working on the workflow to do it through Nuke in post using Maya’s 2D vector pass.

normal_workflow.0097 normal_workflow_othercam.0269

props and character stuff

Got stuff to post! 🙂  Making progress with the props and modeling in general.  The scale isn’t set yet on the props but got some of them UV mapped and a drama mask like character partially built.

props_screen_shot drama_character_post_me

Alot of this seams never ending but I also know it’s a matter of making my way through the production pipeline little by little each day.